When a SEEK Ad for an administrative assistant to work flexible hours from home with Whitney Consulting popped up in my notifications, my interest immediately peaked. For most of my working life, I have travelled to and from an office environment, sometimes over 100km a day in heavy traffic.

Like most modern households, parents are constantly juggling a work-life balance, and find themselves time poor when it comes to recreation and relaxation. Mums (and dads too) often miss out those important moments in their children’s life like school sports carnivals and assemblies.

As a working mum in the pre-Covid days, the flexibility to work from home was very limited and most of us found ourselves working part time in an office during school hours or full time and having to place our children into out-of-school care. Either way, the cost would stretch the family budget.

Back when my children were at school, I worked night fill at Big W stocking shelves (so often missed out on family time at bedtime) and part time during school hours, since it was a way to boost the budget and still take the children to school. But even working school hours in an office environment can mean missing out on those special moments. So, imagine a job where you could work the hours you need to and still have time to enjoy life with your family?

My children are grown up now, but I write novels in my spare time, so the opportunity to work flexitime from home and not waste hours driving in traffic means I can get up early and write before starting my day job. I can pop on a load of laundry or pick up my granddaughter from daycare or even step out into the garden for a cup of tea and then come back to my desk and keep working.

Aside from saving on fuel and reducing carbon emissions by not having to drive far, I have experienced a significant improvement in my mental health. As an introvert, the ability to work from my comfort zone means I can be more productive and focused without interruptions and the stress of a busy, noisy office. I thought I would miss the daily face-to-face human interaction, but the model Tara has developed for Whitney Consulting means that there is always someone on hand if needed. Just because we work remotely, doesn’t mean we’re alone.

Our staff are based in Perth, the wheatbelt, Busselton and NSW, so we’re all remote but get together via Google Meet every Tuesday to share updates, carry out training and receive assistance if needed. We have a few annual meetings face-to-face for planning and development, an IT Day (with Donuts!) to solve any IT issues and get together for a party at Christmas time. Rather than meetings being a chore, they are more of a fun catch up that also address business tasks and achieves results.

The success of this business model is apparent in that Whitney Consulting is well known for grant and tender writing success across local, state and federal government, and in regional and metro areas. In 7 years, Whitney Consulting has secured over $130M in grants for their clients proving to be true specialists in their field.

Not only am I thankful for the opportunity to work from home and still keep my writing dream alive, I am also proud to be a part of the Whitney Consulting family and the amazing things we help organisations achieve with their funding success.

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