Business Cases

At Whitney Consulting, we prepare strong business cases to support clients to

design, fund and implement sustainable, well-designed projects and services.

Having a brilliant concept is not enough to secure financial backing, whether from the government or the private sector. You need a strong business case to demonstrate your project is viable.

Whitney Consulting works with clients to delve into the details of their project and prepare a compelling business case writing for it. Our business cases deliver more than simply a tool to convince funders to support the project, the detailed assessment means that proponents can feel comfortable that the venture makes financial sense for their organisation too, as well as highlighting the social and economic benefits it offers the community.

In developing our clients’ business cases, we partner with a range of trusted professionals as required by individual projects – we have established relationships with architects, quantity surveyors, asset management specialists, land management experts and more – so clients know that the advice provided will be reliable and of a high standard.

Our Business Case Services

The range of business case development services offered by Whitney Consulting include:

  • pre-planning services (including feasibility studies and desktop research);
  • mini-business cases;
  • comprehensive business cases (with options for cost-benefit analysis as required);
  • business case review service; and
  • business case writing coaching service.

” I can attest to Tara’s expertise, diligence, and outstanding qualities at grant assessment. I was fortunate to be the CFO at the time during the RFR funding and Tara was excellent in assessing the countless applications received for RFR funding and knew the requirements backwards to ensure only quality grant applications got up. She is an expert in the area across WA. “

Allan Abraham

Board Treasurer, Forest Discovery Centre