Unleashing Belief Shedding the 'What If' Persona!
As some of you would have seen on my socials, in May/June 2023 my husband and I went on a holiday to Europe – no kids, no work, just us. We didn’t see a drop of rain, we walked a LOT and we ate even more. It was the best!

And as we were sitting in one of the beautiful old town squares, I decided that (for once in my life) I was going to take credit for this accomplishment – this awesome holiday. Because the decision to go to Europe was based on a complete belief and trust in myself, my husband and my staff that I would not have had a few years ago.

So this is how the decision making played out:

Dan: My friend in Denmark is having a 40th birthday party and we’re invited.

Also Dan: I’m quitting my job of over 20 years. No, I do not have a job lined up. (Fully endorsed by Tara!!)

Tara’s head: Ok so we are going into the quietest time of my business over Christmas/NY, Dan no longer has a salary and we don’t know if he will get another job. Now is really NOT the time to spend thousands on a holiday to Europe!

Tara’s older, wiser head, overpowering her usual head: Just do it; you only live once. Dan is ridiculously competent and can get a job in a heartbeat if he needs to. Whitney Consulting has grown every year and has brilliant staff who can handle it while you’re gone. You have zero evidence to be concerned. Just have the belief, woman!

Now, hilariously from my husband’s point of view, he saw none of this thought process so what he got in response to the Denmark party invitation was:

No, we can’t really commit that kind of money when you’ve just quit your job”.

Then, after no further discussion about the topic, two days later when we have guests arriving in an hour.

Ok so if we’re going all the way to Denmark we need to see a bit more than just Denmark – here is my planned itinerary for the trip. Are you happy for me to book all that right now – the travel agent wants to know?”

I have always been that person who is super prepared – the ‘what if’ person who packs months in advance and tries to think of all possibilities. Every year I look back at what Whitney Consulting has achieved and I am so proud and amazed but every year I have said to myself – ‘What if?’ – what if that was just a good year? What if that grant gets cancelled and we don’t get as much work next year? What if it was a fluke?

Going on this holiday was a conscious decision on my part to say good bye to the ‘What If’ girl. To believe the worst won’t happen and to trust that if it does, I have the ability to overcome it. And what a treat I got by doing that – sunny Europe for 3 weeks with my favourite person in the world!

Now to keep listening to the older, wiser Tara and not let the ‘What if’ girl get control ever again. Wish me luck!

Tara Whitney - Whitney Consulting