In March 2021, amidst a crazy busy time, I launched Whitney Consulting’s online grant writing program to teach people to write their own grants – Grant it Yourself. With 16 video modules, worksheets and templates, the course has helped people unlock hundreds of thousands in grant funding, without having to pay a grant writer!

Over the past few years I have had a lot of people ask why we are so willing to teach people to write grants – won’t that put us out of a job?! Whitney Consulting provide a lot of free content on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and website and we deliver a lot of grant writing workshops, plus the GIY online program. So why?

Because it is not always value for money to pay a grant writer. Shocking for me to say maybe, but it is the truth! In my time as a professional grant writer and living in a regional town, I saw a lot of sporting clubs, community organisations and small not for profits that often needed small grants for $5,000, $10 or $20,000. When grant writers cost thousands to engage, it is just not worth it to apply for a small amount of grant funding. But that doesn’t make the grant application process any less difficult and these small organisations still needed some help and guidance.

This became especially clear to me with one organisation I helped who sent me the most beautiful email –

Whilst it was so lovely to be appreciated, the email made me consider all these smaller (often volunteer-led) organisations who struggle through without anyone willing to help them. Grant workshops are great but if you don’t then apply for a grant for 6 months – how much of it do you remember? You need the help when you’re actually writing the grant! Which is why I spent six very hard months developing Grant it Yourself, with the help of my legendary Virtual Assistant, Kristel.

So yes, we deliver a lot of free content and our Grant it Yourself program is designed to help people to write quality applications. But no, I am not concerned about giving all my secrets away! Because grant writing is hard work, it is time consuming and complicated. So I am well aware that organisations who can afford to pay me to write their grants, will continue to do so – because they don’t want to do it! But for those who cannot afford a grant writer – you’re not alone! Use our GIY program. Or if you can’t afford that, check out the blog library and video library on our website and I am 100% certain you will find it valuable information to help you write your grants.

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