Grant Funding Strategy

Need funding for your project and not sure where to start? Would you like a report specific to YOUR project with recommendations about which grant programs/funding sources you should apply for?

Don’t waste time applying for the wrong grants or figuring out where to start to get your project funded. Our new Grant Funding Strategy Service will give you tailored advice on the best source of funding for your project.

Grant Funding Strategy, Your Guide to Project Funds.


From community sports facilities to multi-million-dollar agricultural programs, we’ve successfully worked with many diverse projects. Let us walk you through the funding landscape, ensuring that your project not only meets but exceeds funding goals. Access our Grant Funding Strategy TODAY and secure the funding your project NEEDS.

What’s Included In The Grant Funding Strategy?

1-hour Personal Consultation:

Connect with our Founder, Tara Whitney, in a personalised one-on-one, virtual session to understand your organisation’s goals and funding requirements. Benefit from Tara’s expertise and guidance to set your project on the right path.

Database Search & Eligibility Assessment:

With the knowledge we gain from your discussion with Tara, our expert team will search our extensive database Our team will conduct a thorough search of our extensive database, evaluating your eligibility and pinpointing the most suitable grants for your project. With our expertise in project funding, we’ll also explore alternative funding options, including direct pitches to government or industry bodies, to find the most likely source of funding for your project.

Customised Report with Recommendations:

We will then provide you a final report with clear recommendations and actionable steps to secure the right funding for your project. The report will clearly explain which grant or grants are suitable for your project, which source of funding we view as the most likely to be successful and what you need to do to obtain that funding. 

Seize the opportunity to turn your ideas into reality TODAY. Our Grant Funding Strategy is tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of local governments, businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

This invaluable service comes at a

competitive cost of $1,480 plus GST.

An investment that provides exceptional value, offering you the expertise and guidance you need to easily find funding for your project.